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  • Guidelines for Board Participation Guidelines for Board Participation


    • Use effective planning techniques and identify appropriate resources for accomplishing the Chamber mission
    • Each committee will develop recommendations and objectives for use by the Board of Directors in preparing the annual plan of action
    • Maintain a clear understanding of the plan of action in terms of member services, Chamber objectives and the business environment
    • Practice effective methods of communicating and interacting as a team
    • Follow the process for introducing new ideas and proposals:
      • Introduce idea to staff and appropriate committee
      • Obtain consensus from committee
      • Refer proposal to the Executive Committee
      • Executive Committee reviews proposals for fiscal responsibility and sets the agenda for the Board of Directors meeting
      • The Business Issues & Public Policy Committee, Executive Committee and Board members may make direct recommendations to the Board of Directors
      • Agendas, minutes and relevant information are sent to the Board of Directors on the Thursday prior to the Board meeting
      • If an urgent issue not on the agenda comes up prior to the Board meeting, call the Chairman and/or President/CEO before the meeting
      • When possible, introduce proposals at one Board meeting to be voted on at the following months meeting
      • The Board will consider the budgetary impacts of unbudgeted items
      • Approval of the Board is required before new projects are undertaken, commitments made or positions stated on behalf of the Chamber
    • Recognize that decisions of the Board must be upheld
    • Follow through on issues – individually and collectively – from problem identification to solution
    • Evaluate the process and results; seek continuous improvement
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