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    ​The Chamber supports appropriate public transportation services and infrastructure including new lines and improvements, nodes, destinations and funding.  Specifically, the Chamber also supports:

    • The expansion of passenger rail service, especially along the Peninsula Corridor
    • Transportation policies and projects that encourage the use of alternative transportation methods including bicycle, pedestrian and trail alternatives
    • The expansion of transportation to serve high density housing areas and business centers


    • The Chamber will evaluate and support appropriate improvements to the area’s highways and impacted intersections in the Mountain View area.

    Employee Commute Programs

    • The Chamber supports voluntary ride share and other voluntary commute programs that will ease traffic congestion and air pollution.

    • The Chamber supports commute alternative programs that are cost effective and not burdensome to employers.

    Economic Development
    The Chamber’s activities are directed toward ensuring a strong economy for the Mountain View area.  It seeks to promote those public policies that encourage reasonable planned development and to minimize regulatory burdens at all levels of government, which restrict economic activity.

    An educated workforce is instrumental to the development of the region.  Employers must be assured that the education system will supply them with workers having the basic and advanced skills needed by business.

    • The Chamber supports a cost effective, quality educational system that adequately prepares students for the 21st century.
    • The Chamber supports leaving the decision-making process regarding public education at the local level.
    • The Chamber encourages partnerships between the business community, local schools and local government.
    • The Chamber encourages and actively supports programs that reflect community diversity and celebrate the many heritages of our youth.
    • The Chamber supports educational and vocational programs that educate local youth in areas that will prepare them to work in the Silicon Valley.

    A simple, easy-to-understand and relevant regulatory environment is necessary for economic growth and stability.

    • The Chamber supports limiting the creation of regulations and places a high priority on reducing unnecessary regulations.
    • The Chamber supports efforts requiring governmental jurisdictions to review all current regulations to determine their necessity and impact on both small and large businesses.  For those regulations that are necessary, streamlining should be pursued.  A system to identify and eliminate red tape and other impediments should be established.
    • The Chamber believes that all governmental fees/costs should be reasonable and an analysis of the necessity for those costs and what the costs are associated with should be completed before adopted.

    Environmental & Natural Resources

    Natural Resources
    The Chamber supports a fair environmental policy that works to preserve our natural resources.  The Chamber believes that plant and animal species are important to maintain in our environment, with due consideration given to human factors as well.

    • The Chamber supports protecting the Bay slough areas while encouraging compatible commercial business development opportunities.

    • To ensure reliable high quality water sources.

    The Chamber supports reasonable water quality standards that use scientific data and promotes the ability of California to manage its water resources.

    • The Chamber supports the establishment of reasonable health risk standards for drinking water.

    Air Quality
    The Chamber supports measures that ensure healthy air quality for the Mountain View community.

    • The Chamber believes the business community should not be singled-out as the sole abusers of air quality, and remedial measures should not provide an undue hardship on any business community as a whole.

    • The Chamber opposes efforts that seek to make employers responsible for implementing forced community/ride share measures.  Economic impacts should also be taken into account when considering air quality proposals.  The effects of any plan on Mountain View small businesses (less than 50 employees) should be given special consideration for possible exemptions or less stringent programs.

    • The Chamber supports measures that encourage research in more fuel-efficient and less polluting automobiles as well as those that encourage getting gross emitter vehicles off the road.  In addition, continuing efforts need to be made for the implementation of alternative fuel sources.

    Land Use & Planning
    The Chamber believes in land use policies that enhance economic development and do not infringe on private property rights.

    • The Chamber supports governmental “general plan” policies, which give due consideration to the economic development of the region, quality of life, and property rights of the landowner.
    • The Chamber recognizes the value of maintaining open space in order to provide a high quality of life to residents and employees.
    • The Chamber supports property/sales tax to avoid fiscalization of land use.
    • The Chamber encourages creative incentive programs that help to meet a need in the community such as increased development of below market rate housing.

    The Chamber recognizes that affordable and available childcare in Mountain View is needed to ensure the success of Mountain View employers.

    • The Chamber supports the establishment of subsidized childcare for low-income Mountain View workers.
    • The Chamber supports the development of childcare centers near transit hubs and areas that are easily accessed by Mountain View workers.
    • The Chamber will provide representation and input to community efforts to increase childcare opportunities for Mountain View workers.
    • The Chamber encourages employers and members to assist their employees in obtaining affordable childcare.

    Legal System
    The Chamber supports legal reform legislation, as well as, state legislation which: Supports a legal system that discourages frivolous lawsuits; Supports the use of arbitration and mediation to settle disputes; Supports a limit on punitive damages.

    Consider projects that increase the quantity of affordable housing units in Mountain View, using the following criteria: More than 20 units; proximity to transit lines’ economic impact / opportunity cost; and business / residential balance. Other components to weigh: compliance with general and precise plans, affected publics and politicians.


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